1. Have y’all met my new girlfriend? She goes by the name of Big Sue.

  2. powerviolencecomedy:


  3. TONIGHT! Clay, Ben Jones, and I will be screening some stuff from our upcoming cartoon called Stone Quackers. This is a picture of Clay and I as preteen ducks. RSVP here! http://levis-commuter.ticketleap.com/august19/details

  4. PV presents the BUDDYBOT-805. Designed and programmed by PV with the intention of providing Buddy-style comedy for future generations long after Buddy is dead and gone.

  5. The Osiris D3. I had these shoes in 7th grade. They weighed like 20 pounds. I bought vans after wearing these for a year and could slam dunk no problem. #skatelife #osiris #d3 #revolutionaryfootwear #kobe #prochoice

  6. Tonight! PAT REGAN at #powerviolencela . 9PM. FREE

  7. I don’t remember what this bit was. #powerviolencela

  8. #tbt 2003. Me and Clay in our mosh band called VETERAN. Looking back, we should have been called NUBILE.

  9. Classic “PB&J on the calves while he’s asleep” prank on Buddy.

  10. #DOG